Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Vegetable Hating Doll with Vintage Mattress Stack

I know I'm late to this party... I know there has been a trend for vegie hating fairytale dolls with mattress stacks since Mollie Makes published this article in June:


Very much inspired, I had intended to make a little set for Greta for Christmas. But time got away from me, as happens around here sometimes. Anyway, while i had Bluey home on holidays this week, I got to work on her

Vintage Sheet Mattresses, with a couple of other upcycled fabrics mixed

The little princess, with dirty face, already loved. I used vintage lace, hankerchiefs and linen for my princess and her clothing, pillow and quilt. A tiny salt dough "pea" and excitingly I bought a little wooden ladder, from this lovely lady http://www.etsy.com/transaction/107044599

Vintage lace crown

My Muse, Greta

Mini Me?

I'm really happy with the way she turned out, Greta's enjoying her too.

Check out Manda's Etsy shop here http://www.etsy.com/shop/TreefallDesign?ref=em

I do plan on sewing a carry / storage bag for her, like Manda did, and I will give that princess a wash soon too.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Corner of My Kitchen

In a corner of my kitchen is a mini kitchen, I put it together with bits I collected or made during my pregnancy, and beyond. It provides Greta with entertainment while i'm busy, if she doesn't feel like joining in with the real cooking.

Two little dressers painted white and a tiny old chippy high chair for a doll or a teddy.

I found the three enamel pots at seperate times and places, they are perfect for her little hands

A third little cupboard is a cooker of sorts. Who says little ones can't use china and glass? So far there has only been one breakage. We don't bother with plastic at the table either.

The "food" is salt dough, made a while ago, recently added now that she has grasped the concept of pretend eating. There are some bigger food items, but these small chunks are the favorites, perfect for putting into pots and stirring.
The shelves are lined with scrapbooking papers, little tea towels with hanging loops made from one full sized tea towel.

The brass tap is the only new item, included because it fitted in with the theme i wanted and is so easy for Greta's little hands to turn for pretend water, there is a enamel basin under one of the dressers she can pull out to use as a sink.

More enamel pieces and another little aluminium pot on the stove top. One day I may paint on some burners, so far the simplicity is enough. The cupboard under the stove is sometimes her oven and other times storage.

Do you try to limit the amount of plastic in your little ones life?

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Girls Can Be Pirates!

This is a custom order I have been working, she is a pirate girl doll.

She is also a recycling mascot. She has a tactile velvet hat and cape. Her shirt, bloomers, bandana, cape lining and bag are made of repurposed t-shirting, for the cuddle factor. I've used vintage lace on her bloomers and to edge her cape. I also added some vintage lace trim to her little bag, which holds her treasure map and compass. She has a red leather belt to match her spotty bandana. Her soft tulle skirt is removable, so are her hat and bandana, eyepatch and belt. Of course, being made by a button junkie, she features a variety of vintage buttons; nautical, metal and military. Other fabrics are upcycled, only her fill and a few bits, like the elastic are new.

The pirates, boys and girls, also look lovely in green with black and white. I'll try and find a photo to upload, when i get a chance.

I've linked this post to My Creative Space, for the first time... so much talent...

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Pirate-y Makings

I've been busy putting some pirate / nautical themed makings into my Shop
My Etsy Shop BlueyLovesCocoa


I've made Nautical Bunting from pieces of vintage barkcloth. The barkcloth was a find in Busselton, in the South-West earlier this year.


I made a couple of cushions / throw pillows from sections of a miliatry jacket, complete with brass buttons, and more of the vintage barkcloth. The addition of a little piece of striped t-shirting adds to the nautical / pirate theme. The cushions make a nice pair as they feature different ships and also different emblems. The military jacket was destined for landfill. It was in beautiful condition and I had to give it another chance at a bit more life. I can image these in a boys bedroom or a beach house.
I've also made a quilt, single (twin) bed sized, from various repurposed nautical and piratey themed fabrics. The quilt-top fabrics are mainly t-shirting, so really soft and the quilt-back was an amazing vintage sheet find with old ships and nautical symbols. When working on this quilt I was thinking of either bed or play, and used polyfibre inner, nice and puffy, easy care, light-weight.
I had fun trying to conduct this photo shoot in unideally windy conditions, it was a bit later in the day than expected, due to waiting for Greta to wake from her day sleep, and most of these photos were taken with my toddler literally holding onto my leg... They aren't perfect but its a start, I might need to add some inside shots to the shop photos.
Finally I'm working on a custom order for a girl pirate doll, she's almost ready to go to her new home. I will get her to model for me before she leaves and will upload the photos here soon.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Conception coincidence?

Vintage Wedding Bunting and Boutonnieres.

All three of my children were conceived in November, apparently not uncommon, as August reportedly has the highest number of births... Anyway after that over-sharing, I find it apt that my blog and Etsy shop should start in November too... Etsy shop BlueyLovesCocoa is set to launch.

Cheers to new beginnings.


Saturday, 17 November 2012


I love reading blogs and have thought about starting one for a while, recently I realized there will never be a perfect time, so I may as well just start today.

I'm also looking for a place to document my makings.

Etsy Shop opening any day now.

Having a pirate theme happening right now, alongside a vintage wedding theme, odd but true. These are brooches / pins made with metal buttons from my button stash.

Will show some more pirate makings soon, and some wedding pieces.